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Sunday, June 25, 2017

Happy Canada Day Facts And Detailed History 2017 [what is canada day]

Canada day Facts: hey there welcome to the blog and here i want to share something new. as a Canada citizen you should know top facts of Canada day and detailed history of this festival. in french it is known as a Fête du Canada. friends this is the national day of canada country. this festival previous name is dominion day. if you have question about  what is canada day then here i have some answers for you in below.  

 Happy Canada Day Facts And Detailed History 2017

 Canada day Facts & History

Happy Canada Day Facts And Detailed History 2017

  • The 150th anniversary of Confederation is just two years away, on Canada Day festival  in 2017 year.  

  • On 1 July , date 1867 year, the ringing of the bells at the Cathedral Church of St-. James in Toronto with Confederation was celebrated , as well as bonfires, fire-works, military displays and music — not much has changed!

  • On the hundred of anniversary of Confederation, on one July 1967 year, second Elizabeth attended celebrations on Parliament Hill.

  • July one was the date set for a number of important events, such as the 1st national radio hookup by the Canada National Railway in 1927 year, the flooding of the St. Lawrence Seaway in 1958 year, the first color T.V. transmission in 1966 and the establishment of O Canada as the  national anthem in 1980 year of country.

  • numerous politicians, journalists and authors, such as Robertson Davies, decried the change, saying it was an unnecessary break with tradition.during the change was made. 

So dear respected friends here i have shared Happy Canada Day Facts And Detailed History 2017 so enjoy ti and share this article on social media like facebook whatsapp twitter instagram linkedin reddit digg stumble open medium and google plus. also visit my previous article [***Boom***] Canada Day Fireworks- Most Amazing Fireworks To Celebrate Happy Canada Day 2017 to get more information about fireworks.

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